Life Oil Malunggay Supplement

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    • LifeOil® is the ONLY oil-form malunggay food supplement in the market.
    • LifeOil® is made from pure malunggay leaves and seeds oil extract.
    • Found mainly in the seeds of malunggay, this fatty acid is absent in powder-filled capsules, which are made from semi-dried malunggay leaves.
    • Pure Moringa leaves and seeds oil extract

  • Benefits of Malunggay Life Oil for the Modern Mama:
  • can strengthen the immune system– perfect for someone recuperating from pregnancy, delivery and all the exhausting days adjusting to
  • can heal inflamed joints and tendons– helpful for those who felt a little arthritic during pregnancy
  • can relieve constipation– beneficial to those recovering from pregnancy-induced bowel issues
  • can help normalize sugar levels– particularly helpful to diabetic moms or those who had gestational diabetes
  • can help normalize blood pressure– useful to those who had pregnancy-induced hypertension
  • can facilitate healing from a slew of illnesses, like asthma, ulcers and migraines
  • can boost milk supply– which profits breastfeeding mothers

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