Joan Miro Reusable Sticker Pad

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Gently peel stickers off of the sticker pages, taking care not to tear the stickers or the shiny paper underneath. If desired, an adult may carefully remove the sticker and/or scene page from the pad for playtime. Stickers should be placed directly on the scenes instead of being placed on other stickers.

When all stickers have been removed from each sticker page, the remaining sticker outline sheet may be peeled off and discarded - creating a large white paper. After playtime, return all stickers to the white sticker page in a single layer and then slide any removed pages back into the pad for storage.

4 Interesting Titles to Choose from:

1. City Park - 5 scenes and over 145 stickers that can be repositioned.

2. School Life - 5 scenes and over 1110 stickers that can be repositioned.

3. Urban Transport - 5 scenes and over 123 stickers that can be repositioned.

4. Animal World - 5 scenes and over 140 stickers that can be repositioned. 

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