Tiny Buds First Tooth! Natural Teething Gel (20g)

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Tiny Remedies First Tooth Natural Baby Teething Gel (20g)

Moms can ease a baby’s teething discomfort safely with this cooling and soothing gel. Chill in the refrigerator and apply on baby’s gums for quick relief

*Helps Ease teething discomfort quickly
*Has yummy apple taste
*Trusted by Pediatricians
*Safe if Swallowed
*SLS & Paraben Free
*No artificial color

Age: 3 Months - 1 yr old, when Baby is Teething

1. Store in the fridge & use while cold for best results
2. Squeeze a pea-sized amount of teething gel
3. Apply gel on baby’s gums. Be gentle to avoid choking
4. You can also apply it on the Tiny Chewbrush & let baby chew it themselves
5. No need to rinse

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